Name Race Class Player Alive
Armelion Greenheart High Elf Rogue 2theground Yes
Berthad Fowlaxe Hill Dwarf Cleric PsychoXer0 Yes
Brakadark Half Orc Barbarian Tice8769 Yes
Dagos Tiefling Sorcerer Viwec Yes
Drakhaz Mountain Dwarf Cleric Tice8769 Yes
Duraxes Human Druid Ragnarok_Bananas Yes
Gimram Mountain Dwarf Paladin Fifthgearonline Yes
Groll Stormraven Human Wizard ChrisCrossington Yes
Jorgen Half-Orc Barbarian Broth223 Yes
Quintus Asher Human Cleric Kazne Yes
Rhogar Dragonborn Fighter Liefington Yes
Richard Human Warlock ShiroiKirema Yes
Ricros Dragonborn Fighter YaDoneMuffedUp Yes
Tunder Goliath Cleric MegaBiberal Yes
Ulfgar Human Bard Burnheart1 Yes
Xander Gnome Rogue Burnheart1 No
Zilnith Dragonborn (or w/e he is now) Sorcerer Bigmick871 Yes

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